Dog Food Reviews & Comparisons

Which dog food do you buy?

That’s the question many dog owners struggle with across the UK.  After all, the number of dog foods available seem to double each year, and new brands seem to be popping out of the woodwork every month or so.  Dog food companies spend an inordinate amount of money promoting their marketing messages to us but most consumers probably take these with a pinch of salt.

So in a growing market full of confusion it’s often difficult to sift through the important information looking to find guidance on all aspects of choosing a dog food for your best friend.  That’s what our intention is at Dog Food Comparison.  Our aim is to present the pertinent information in an easy to follow manner aiding you in your descision.  Not only will we incorporate reviews, and price guides but we’ll let you know what previous customers recommend.

Dog Food reviews

Back when we were new to the dog food world we also found it difficult to establish which food is best for our dogs.  If you follow the approach of brands such as Royal Canin and Eukanuba you’ll be swayed in to the thought that certain foods are specifically tailored for certain breeds, namely their Breed Specific ranges – this further adds to the confusion.

That is why we know how important dog food reviews, both from experts and owners alike, are at presenting information quickly that can sum up the total owner experience.

Expert Reviews

Each product discussed on Dog Food Comparison will be reviewd by dog nutritionists, and their opinions will be shared in order to ascertain the pros and cons of serving the food to your dog.

Dog Owner Reviews

Owner reviews are also a valuable asset when sifting through the hundreds of dog food brands available.  Wouldn’t you like to know how appetising specific foods are to dogs?  Wouldn’t you like to know if the food smells so bad that it’s a chore to serve it up?  Wouldn’t you like to know thoughts on quality?  We found these opinions important initially which is why we feel there is a voice for it!

Dog Food Ingredients

Just like in human food, ingredients are very important in dog food.  Certain foods will be better at preserving your best friend, and help to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Many ingredients are pretty common amongst foods, but certain foods available to buy over a better balance of said ingredients.

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